Sandstone Trail Races

The 2018 race is Sunday 30th September and entries will open on Sunday 1st April.

2017 Results

Buses to the start will depart from Delamere Forest Visitors Centre CW8 2JD and not Barnes Bridge as in previous years. Buses will leave from approx 8.30am until 09.30 am.

The Sandstone Trail Race, organised by Deeside Orienteering Club, has been held annually in mid-autumn for forty years from 1977-2016. 

The event consists of two alternative races run concurrently, both following sections of the Sandstone Trail Path.

  • The A Race is 27.5km (17.1 miles) with 655m climb starting from Duckington and is ideal for the more experienced runner.
  • The B Race is 17.0km (10.6 miles) with 288m of climb starting from Beeston and is better suited for those wishing to try their hand at trail running.

Both races finish in Delamere Forest where the Prizes are presented.

These races are run under FRA rules.

Both races have a timed-out road crossing at the A51. Because of the heavy traffic on this road, and to avoid the hazard that has been caused by a very small minority of competitors ignoring marshals' instructions in the past, there will be a time-out of a maximum of 90 seconds. All competitors must punch the electronic controls both before and after the road crossing; and must then cross the road strictly under the marshals' instructions. The time taken between the two controls will be deducted from the overall time for the race; the time deducted will be shown on the printout which each competitor receives at the finish. Any competitor not punching both controls will not receive a deduction for the crossing time. We have taken this action in the interests of competitor safety in the race.

If you want to find out a little more about the history of the Sandstone Trail Race and more detailed information then take a look at the Race History page.

The actual route the Sandstone Trail Race follows is detailed on the Race Route page. The route is quite easy to follow and is often waymarked by the distictive yellow, circular Sandstone Trail markers on posts, styles and gates.

Potential race winners, however, are strongly advised check out the public footpath sections beforehand. Please do not run across the field diversion after Primrose Hill as this is private ground and only open to us on race day


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